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Vape Detectors for Schools

Serving school systems throughout Alabama and Tennessee.

We sell, install, and service vape detectors for schools and businesses. Get a no-obligation quote today. As the popularity of vaping devices continues to increase among students, it’s imperative that educational institutions take measures to protect the health and safety of their students. HALO Smart Sensors can quickly identify vaping in private areas such as bathrooms, locker rooms, dorm rooms, and faculty rooms and send instant alerts to school staff. Vape detectors and smart sensors are key tools in ensuring a safe, healthy, and positive learning environment for all students. Don’t leave your students’ health and safety at risk. Contact us today.

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Take the first step in creating a safe and secure environment for your students. Contact us for a no-obligation quote and to find out more about HALO smart sensor vape detectors.

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The vaping crisis among students has been dramatically escalating in recent years. The HALO system is capable of detecting vaping activities in private areas like bathrooms, locker rooms, dormitories, and staff rooms.

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Regrettably, school shootings are occurring more frequently than one might imagine. By deploying the HALO system across your school campus, you can not only detect gunshots but also pinpoint their location through a two-step verification process.

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Subpar air quality can negatively impact a student's learning environment, resulting in decreased focus and productivity loss. To prevent this, automate and guarantee appropriate air circulation in each classroom through the integration of the BACnet system.

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Certain contagious illnesses can commonly propagate through air with elevated CO2 levels. It's important to verify that rooms are properly sanitized and that the air is adequately filtered.

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Using specific keywords, both students and staff have the ability to call for assistance. This can allow for immediate notification of incidents like fights or bullying in bathrooms, locker rooms, and dorm rooms.

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Set up personalized alerts to monitor the performance of HVAC systems and ensure its usage is limited to when rooms are in use.

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Set up personalized alerts to get notified when there's detection of lights or noise in restricted areas or outside regular operating hours.

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Detect chemical leaks and dangerous gases in areas such as science labs, mechanical or utility spaces, janitorial closets, and maintenance zones.

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Vape Detectors for Schools Cost

The cost of vape detectors for schools can be offset by grants from federal and state agencies. Federal grants are available to help schools pay for vape detectors and security devices such as the HALO Smart Sensors. The recent approval of additional CARES Act funding has opened up new avenues for schools, including projects aimed at enhancing and monitoring the quality of indoor air at educational facilities. The HALO Smart Sensor can help your school battle against vaping, ensuring a safe learning and working environment. In addition to vape detection, you get added advantages like gunshot detection, security monitoring, and more. 

  • Detection of vaping among students in classrooms, locker rooms, and bathrooms.
  • Identification of smoking and vaping among staff and visitors.
  • Detection of unusual sounds such as shouting and gunfire.
  • Recognition of abnormal noise indicative of aggressive behavior and bullying in locker rooms, classrooms, and stairways.
  • Detection of gas and smoke.
  • Monitoring of chemical levels and spillages in janitorial closets, cafeterias, science labs, and art rooms.
  • Monitoring of temperature, humidity, and moisture to guard against mold formation and illness.
  • Alerts related to the Air Quality Index (AQI) in line with industry and government standards.

Reach out to us for a no-obligation quote and to find out more about how to purchase the HALO system through CARES Act funding!

Securely Monitor Private Areas

The HALO Smart Sensor with vape detection leads the way in addressing the constantly changing safety and security challenges, particularly in monitoring areas within facilities that require privacy. The HALO 3C ensures personal privacy as it does not utilize cameras, record sound, or gather any personally identifiable information (PII), making it an ideal solution for private spaces like restrooms and communal areas.

Occupancy & People Counting

HALO sensors are typically inconspicuous and function effectively in both dark and brightly lit areas, as well as in environments with reflective surfaces or walls. We can set up your HALO Smart Sensor to notify you about movement, which can help monitor room occupancy and identify trespassing in restricted areas, both during and after normal hours. Besides these substantial advantages, the people-counting feature can also contribute to energy management by adjusting usage based on occupancy.

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Danmark Technologies is an award-winning provider of managed services and technologies. We bring together a spectrum of solutions designed to empower your business in an increasingly connected world. We sell, install, and service vape detectors for schools and businesses. Danmark is a preferred HALO partner and has installed hundreds of smart sensor vape detectors.

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